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Now T FACEBK founder mark Zuckerberg in for another long day itol hill. This time the house will grill hifter facing senators erday over tho concerns about Prive a S Russian meddling ABC’s senior congressional espondent Mary Bruce joins us with the good morning, Mary. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Well, for five hours U here, Mark Zuckerberg was taken task over U privacy and foreign propag. Now, he was humble admitting they’ve made mistakes and vowg to change but T morning many lawmakers say it’sime for congress to step and do more. Ngrush of cameras and scru, mark zuckeg swapped his signature-shirt for a suit and too responsibility. We didn’t take a broad enough view of our responsibility and th a big mie and it was my mistake and I’m sorry. Reporter: B it wasn’t enough for lawmakers. Lete just cut to the chase, if you and other social media anies do not get your act in Orone of us are going to have a privacy anymore. Reporter: First public grilling a bing marat for the led tech titan. Why should we trust Facebook Toake the necessary Chan Do you think the age consumer understands what they sig up for? Your user agreement sucks. Reporter: Over andver again Zuckerberg was pressed on user pry. Mr. Zuckerberg, would you B comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in stht? Um, no. Think that maybe this what it’s all about, yourht to privacy. Reporter: On Russi meddling in the election, he admit they were slow to respond and have to do more T prevent continued for interference. This is an arms race, they’re going to keep getting better and we need test on keep getting better this too. Eporter: Leavihe hearing lawmakers not convincede can tackle these Challen on his own. Now, lawmakers we’ve talked with say there hasoe more congiol oversight of Facebook ather big T companies and zucerg did signal that he’s Willi toork with lawmakers O thisut the political reality, Michael, is that it’s going to bey hard to pass any N sweeping regulations up here any time . Mary, lawmakers may not ha liked what they saw out of Zuckerberg but Wall Street seem to have liked what they saw out of him. Reporter: Yeah, Michael, Facebook investors certainly likedhat they heard. Facebooktock surged 4.5%. Their biggest gain in two years.michael. All right, thank you S, Mary. All righ Michael, we move

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