Zara Launches a New Collection of Military Jackets and Coats

Just when you thought you couldn’t spend any more money at Zara, the retailer launches an impossibly cool new collection to tempt you with. The new Zara Srpls collection features military-inspired jackets, coats, shirts, cargo pants, and more, and it’s bound to sell out ASAP.

“Zara Srpls is a unique collection that resets the inclusion of military aesthetics to the daily life and provides reference on how to combine different looks in a fresh and casual way,” the retailer explained in a press release. “Uniforms and khaki shades are part of a code of revelry and alternative culture becoming a blank canvas to capture a singular and individual style…Zara Srpls gathers all these classic archetypes and revolutionizes them with a new design concept, new statement proportions, patterns, colors and exclusive materials in an ongoing style evolution.” Convinced yet? Scroll down to shop our favorite picks from the new collection.