Your High School Clique Now, Based on the Fall Trends

Welcome to fashion high, where you’ll find all the cliques you remember from your days in the high school cafeteria. Only this time, everyone is sitting together based on which F/W 18 runway trends they’re wearing this season. The result? Five stylish high school cliques with their own distinct brands of cool fashion for the season.

Whether you’re dedicated to chunky new-age sneakers or you’ll never stop wearing head-to-toe black, there’s a clear group of like-minded friends you’ll be sitting with. Want to see which high school clique you’d be in now? Scroll down to check out the five most stylish high school cliques from the class of fall 2018—from party girls wearing puffed-up ’80s dresses to art kids decked out in bold neon. Here, you can figure out which one you’ll be joining this fall—whether you knew it or not.