Women Laugh Their Ashes Off With Urn Repellent For Guys On ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live” unearthed a killer trick to ward off annoying men: A prop urn women can whip out to pretend to scatter ashes and scare off guys.

A spoof ad features the innovative product for use in tight spots with persistent males.

“When you’re a woman, there’s one very real danger: Unwanted small talk,” says a female narrator. “That’s why I always pack” …. Leave Me Alurn.”

The portable urn is for women to use so men think “you’re about to scatter your dad’s or grandpa’s ashes so they back the hell up off.” It serves, the voice-over notes, as a “conversation prophylactic.”

It also doubles as a water bottle.

“Kills small talk dead.”

Check out the video above.