Woman hospitalized after mistaking wasabi for avocado

Mistaking wasabi for avocado can leave you broken-hearted — literally.

That’s what happened when a 60-year-old woman in Israel ate a spoonful of the spicy condiment at a wedding, thinking it was avocado. According to a case report published earlier this month in BMJ Case Reports, the woman went on to develop what’s known as “broken heart syndrome.”

“She was sure it was an avocado, that is why she took a full spoon of it,” said case report author Dr. Alona Finkel-Oron, a physician at Soroka University Medical Center in Israel. “Of course, she was shocked to find out it was not.”

Shortly after eating wasabi, the woman said she felt a sudden pressure in her chest, which lasted for a few hours. The next day, she still wasn’t feeling well, so she went to the emergency room.