Woman allegedly used social media to solicit donations for fake firefighter husband Video

Transcript for Woman allegedly used social media to solicit donations for fake firefighter husband

Now wh that califoia woman suspected of venting fake firefighter husband Tom donors out of thousands dollars in cashnd pplies. Mediao supplies donas and Paula Faris is here witsroubling sty. Yeah,pele’s and received donationand the she sold those supplieso her pockets and this wasn’e first time she’s done it. This mor P say this woman Ashley bemisretended to have a firefighter to scam people into giving her money anies UND the helpire cws battling that deadly H ldfire. Clothing items T INGs to P, those types of things, everything had been donate Reporter: Bemis alleged will I used a fack group plead for he for the man she claimed his fell loyfirefighters. The only problem,goodman does notexist. Bess accused of rvi donations and sulies over last month uding air mattress reselling those online inste of giving them trefighters To give back to fireme for what they’revidingour state, and then to have it all be fraudult isus hearbreaking. Or man telli Poli saw that post gave bemisver $700 supplsm Walmart. Investigators say used the holy fire tlayn people’s syes, something experts say to look out for when mes to natural disasters L wildfires and hurricanes. Can charities, but we T individuals. So they canake advantaf people’sgenerositi, particularly during police say they’ led ltiple other people have claimed ey’ve beecammed by her over T ye she allegly admitted to fakin agnancy to receive baby shower gin posing with what appears be a pregnant bellnd later she used her boss’ to convince people she hadaughter. Ie across a photo of my son des a girl her claiming that it was daughter. Now,shley not yet beencharged. Weeached O to her for comment an heard ba. S apparently has some major, Maj Su okay, we have M huicanehat’s bng our way and a lot of are gngo nt to reach out and hel those are in need so how can you ke sure tt it’s a worthy cause? Right. And as we just said theiece tap a lot during T natural disaer we know Florence is co. Thers are bankingns not doing home go to th ity’s webte or go to a website that vets independently these chairs and K basic qutions, WHE is the money going? Who is going to receiveit? What T ve it T or you start harity on Y own? Ask those basicquesons. U can probably fish it out that The geneman sai inour piece it’s harder whens an dividual. U can dohen it’s a any or group, you can vet them easiern you can an india D yomework. Ask some of those basic, basic ons. It’s hard — We all believe good man beings. It’s hard T belie how somebody could do that inhe first place. Going as far using ail pregnancy. It’s crazy. Hank you. Com up, take a look at thisram and that handol right

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