Why This Ingenious New Sports Bra Is the "First of Its Kind"

Reebok wants you to know something about its new sports bra: It’s not like any other version in your top drawer. The brand describes its PureMove Bra as “a first of its kind, technologically advanced sports bra that uniquely responds and adapts to movement to provide women with a customized amount of control and support.” Translation: It’s going to be the best new sports bra you own.

The fabric of the bra incorporates Reebok’s new Motion Sense Technology, which smartly adapts to your body and movement. The result “gives wearers a bra that stretches less with high-impact movements while providing the comfort and light support that one would desire during rest and lower-intensity activities,” per a press release.

Reebok senior innovation apparel designer Danielle Witek also explained that more support does not have to equal more fabric. In fact, it’s the opposite: The bra’s minimalist design is one of its strengths, offering support without added bulk. Intrigued? The PureMove Bra officially launches on August 17 for $60 on Reebok’s website, but we have an early look at the design before it launches, courtesy of Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot, Nathalie Emmanuel, and others.