Why Hermès Constance Bags Are Worth the Investment

When you think of the most premium, hard-to-get designer bag, the covetable Birkin bag probably comes to mind. While that’s true and it’s one of the key styles people will pay a premium to own, there’s actually another more under-the-radar silhouette in the Hermès family that flies off shelves at the same speed: The Hermès Constance bag.

After catching up with Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of handbag mecca Rebag, it became evident that shoppers will actually drop serious cash at the resale level just to get their hands on the must-have style—meaning people will pay upward of up to $13,000 (especially in a covetable color) just to own it. “The hype is behind the Birkin and the Kelly, but their little sister is such a rare bag to find, so the moment it is available, it is grabbed up right away,” Gorra said. Aside from its in-demand nature, it’s the design that makes it so appealing as well. Gorra continued: “The Constance is Hermès’s version of a classic flap bag with a prominent H clasp and has clean lines that make it incredibly versatile.” So there you have it.

With that, keep scrolling to check out the Constance bag in action among the street style set. Then, go a bit further to shop a few silhouettes currently available on Rebag (there clearly are not many!), along with other must-have designer satchels.