Why Gucci Monogram Bags Are Worth the Money

We recently went over the popularity of Hermès handbags and how shoppers will pay a premium to own a coveted Constance or Birkin bag at the resale level. Well, there’s actually another brand that continues to be a front-runner in the designer-bag game, and that’s Gucci. This probably doesn’t come as much of surprise with the brand’s domination over the last few years, as it’s infiltrated all corners of the industry. What’s interesting to note, though, is that people are actually paying top dollar to get their hands on specific Gucci styles (vintage included) at the resale level.

In fact, Emily Erkel, the co-founder of luxury consignment mecca LePrix, chatted with us about the Gucci styles that are reigning supreme at the moment. “In the last few years, Gucci has seen an astonishing resurgence like no other brand on LePrix.com. Sales of Gucci have tripled on LePrix in the last three months alone due to increased popularity of Gucci handbags, belts, and shoes,” she says. “Thanks to the dream team now designing at Gucci and resurrecting the archives to launch new vintage-inspired collections, the popularity and the resale value of vintage Gucci has also skyrocketed. Primarily, Gucci monogram handbags are having a moment, including both Gucci’s GG Supreme canvas and the original GG canvas handbags. Other Gucci bags that have increased in popularity include Marmont bags, especially in matelassé, and Gucci waist bags.” Well, there you have it. If you’re on the market for a must-have bag, consider a Gucci monogram silhouette for an on-trend option that will also hold its value for seasons to come.

Keep scrolling to check out a variety of Gucci must-haves in action among the street style set. Then, go a bit further to shop a few key styles available on LePrix, along with other dreamy designer satchels.