Why Designer Bags Are Worth the Investment

We all know that the Hermès Birkin is the Mecca of handbags. Given the hard-to-get, wait-list-only nature, people drop serious to cash to own the expensive silhouette. But the Birkin isn’t the only designer handbag that people pay a premium to own. We tapped handbag expert Sarah Davis, the mastermind behind luxury handbag and accessories resale shop Fashionphile, to fill us in on the other bags that sell out quickly and are always in demand.

“At this point we all have heard that the Birkin is an investment bag, because it behaves like this. But many bags (that are current styles, and retailing for much more accessible prices) that go in and out of availability do the same thing,” she said. “The Dior Saddle Bag, Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis and the Chanel Coco Handle all sell quickly and often above retail.” Yep, it’s these three It bags that people will pay more than they actually go for just to carry. But to be honest, it may be worth it if you’re in the market for a fancy bag because these new classic handbags will also hold their value over time.

What do you think of these three handbag styles? Would you carry? If you’re looking for inspiration, keep scrolling to check out the street elite carrying the satchels. Plus, shop the bags, along with other must-have styles you won’t ever regret.