Who What Wear Editor in Chief Kat Collings’s Fall Picks

It’s a big part of my job to know the best products, new brands, and general shopping landscape. Fortunately, I find this “work” rather fun and exciting, so I often find myself doing “research” late into the night, discovering labels on Instagram, tracking items to see what’s still in stock, and seeing which retailers are buying into which trends. As someone who shops all day, I do end up buying more clothing than your average retail browser, and—full disclosure—receive some gifts. Like most people, though, when I choose to wear an item, it means that I’m endorsing the style, fit, and quality. Before anything made it into this story, it passed three gates: I find it special enough to add to my overstuffed closet, wear it on repeat, and snap a pic for my Instagram. Read on to see the items that passed this three-pronged test, from the Zara heels I walked 10 miles in to the $30 sweater I deemed lovely enough to wear to an important conference.