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To the political storm bring on capitol senate con fir Mau hearings for the ident’s sreme court nomineett kavanau get under way tomorrow morning. Who will quen him. E boxes full of documents support nomination, but it is the thousand otherents thatil not be madelic thatre an up and theeaes the president once aim this ownop justice offi, attorney generaleffsessions. ABC’s Kyra illips from capitol hill tonight. Reporter: Tonight, the couldn’t higher, andge Brett Kavanaugh knowsit, completing at least two ll mock hearings, peppered with interruptions by fake pres and Democrats are making clear T not T easy one prest’s supmert nominee. W accusing white hse of withholding key information after the trump administration invoked executive privilege, blking access to panels of docents from cave Nau’s ti a close aid to esident George W. Bush. Chuck schumerng, “It has all the makings coverup.” We’re not able T s100,000 ments. Rter: But men four times that num have been made availato the com that’sust from his time in theecutive branch.the 53-year-old federal judge has peaps the most extensive paper trail of a during theclton/lewinsky scandal, latin wri T residents suld note distracted byestigations while in office. Something democts pounced on. He chose thedidate who he thought would best protectim from the Mueller investigation. Rter: Sourc say cave Nau isn’tecffer any commitment to rusself fr cases investigations of president P. The GOP HOL razorn majority Nau will key be co cementing a conservative 5-4 majoritwo possible Republican ouenators lis murkowski and sus Collins, gnaling thil vote a justice that would ovrn roe versuwa Collins indicating a mee with cave Nau may have eased fears. He said it W settled law. Reporter: Saying her decision isninal yet. You never know WHA quens are going to up. Reporter: Bot sators Collins and mwski previously voted for caveas confirmed as a fedjudge, and Tom, by the times confirmation vote comesaround, th LE senator John McCain’s seat I like to B filled B anothepublican W almost certy would vote yes. Tom? Kyra, I want to turn incident tweeted today, going after jeffsessions. In THA blasting sessions over tal indictments of two repuican befoheid ecs, Ying, quote, two easns are now in doubt. Reporter: Right, he’s rrew Yo’s C Collins and fornia’s Duncan the fir T congressmen to endorse trump’ candidacy. Collins nowg insert trading charges and hunter facing charge C finance violations. Now, with the crucialidterm elections proaching, house could be the LI to politize the justicedepartment. It’s notar if he thinks the chars are misguided or if it’s just the timing. Enm, T justice department or the white ight. Ka Phillips forstonight. Thank you. As now, to eastern

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