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To the white house where president trump is searching for a new chief of staff after pushing out general John Kelly. The president’s son-in-law and counselor Jared Kushner spoke out on the issue overnight. Terrmoran is at the white house with the latest. Good morning, Terry. Reporter: Good morning. Donald Trump was famous for saying you’re fired. That part is done although John Kelly was more forced out than fired but the you’re hired part is a problem. There is a scramble to find a new chief of staff here for John Kelly who is scheduled to depart after the new year and ABC news learned there are about six candidates right now including surprisingly kellyanne Conway, the president’s staunch defender and longtime counselor in the mix. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser as you point out going on television, a rare media a350er7bs in the friendly confines of Sean hannity on fox News to talk about the search for a new chief of staff. And right now in the white house we have a lot of good people who are just working along and the president will make the right choice for chief of staff and hopefully will choose someone he has a great chemistry with that will help him navigate through the good opportunities that emerge to keep pushing forward. Reporter: That’s the toughest job in Washington in any administration with this president, mercurial, constantly changing, it’s even tougher. Who wants the job is one of the big questions. You showed Jared Kushner. He is under fire after this “New York Times” report saying that he was counseling the Saudi crown prince after the murder of the journalist Jamal khashoggi and the senate looking to take action. Reporter: That’s right. This is a very serious issue. Jared Kushner and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia are both sort of the coming generation of leaders in these countries and struck up a very close friendship over the years, a key link between the two countries and Kushner apparently continuing those contacts after crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was accused of masterminding the murder of that journalist Jamal khashoggi and the senate wants to know more about those contacts, George. Terry Moran, thanks very much.

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