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Transcript for White House responds to Trump’s doctor’s raid claim

Let’s turn to Jon Karl, chief white house correspondent holding down the fort. You heard Sarah Sanders say it wasn’t a raid, it was standard operating procedure. This wasn’t standard operating procedure. Reporter: If you look at what Bornstein happens that Keith Schiller, the director of oval office operations and the president’s longtime body guard went where the trump organization lawyer into the office and took the records. There is nothing close to standard operating procedure about that. This is highly unusual, of course, the president would have his medical records here. As for the statement from Bornstein that he took that letter in dictation from the president, that those were the president’s words back in the campaign, we have asked the white house both last night and again this morning and asked the trump campaign, no denial to that allegation, not at all. No comment what so Jeff. I’m sure you’ll ask for questions today. Mystifying, standard operating procedure. It’s never happened before. These are people who among the closest in the president’s inner circle. Michael. Now we go to severe weather in the heartland.

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