White House defends Trump’s call for criminal probe into NYT op-ed writer Video

Transcript for White House defends Trump’s call for criminal probe into NYT op-ed writer

package hanging on outcome on the iesgation. We turn next to president trump inhe W house, the Ng in 19 da. E white house wasn prent trump’s call for investigion into T “New yorktimes” and the senior administration official W wrote the anonymous say there aredults in the white house essentially pr the white house fromident, according totofficial. Here’s jhan Karl. Reporter: The white house today is defending the presidens call for criminal investign into thenonymous essay published in “The New York Times,” allegedly written by a nor trumpdmtration official doe really tnk that the federal government should coac against a newsper for publishing an arhink it’s ss about tt rt of it and whether or not very trying to undermine the executive branch of the government. Reporter: The presides the op-ed as a cril act of betrayal. For sake of our national security, “The New York Times” shublish Hise Reporter: Theay describe a, quote, “Quiet resistance” of “Unsung esru tion. The president’s see denied wing even vice president Mike pence, who attracsome attenon became the Artie includes the usual word “Lodestar,” a word nce often es in speees. To a lie detr test. Agree to it in a heartbeat. Or it’s not St the anons essay, T W is fighting back Har against the new book by B Woodward E president today branng Woodward “A liar.” This idioodward whoro this book, which is all fict reporter:oodward WREs that chief of staff John Kelly called TRE idiot,” and descbethe white use as “Crazytown.” While defesecretary Mattis said the ident had the unrstanding of a fifth or sixth grader. Claims denied by B Chief oaff, John ll aggressively pushed . Geral Mattis ass puing back in the claims. Reporter: Woodward stoo his reporng They are not telling the truth. Thesople, thesare political atements protect their jobs. Jon, a you reported, vice president pence saying he’ willing take a lie detectoe he didn’ white that column. Sarah about that today. s,ing there’s no plans for lie detectors. It es appear that’s going to happen. Jon,thanks.

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