Where To Buy Black-Owned Beauty Brands

The beauty industry has a long history of overlooking women of color when it comes to creating products for different skin tones and hair types. It’s only recently that brands have started offering inclusive shade ranges and some still don’t, but at least they get internet shamed for it now.

While the standards have changed, just because the makeup is inclusive, doesn’t mean the business is. There are still very few beauty brands owned by women of color, and the ones that exist aren’t always available at major retailers.

The good news is the number of black-owned beauty brands is growing, many of them offering products that cater to the unique needs of women of color, as well as products that can be used by everyone.

Traditionally, Black History Month has been about acknowledging and celebrating the contributions that the black community has made to society, but what if we also used this time to reflect on what we as individuals can do to give back to the community? A small, but impactful way to start is by making a conscious effort to shop black-owned businesses, not just during February but every month.

There’s power in where you spend your money, and what better way than with more beauty products? We’ve rounded up where to buy black-owned beauty brands below so you can shop makeup, skincare, and more.

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