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More os from chief legal analyst danms you’ve been saying for months there’s no way he’ll sit down. There whey have ray way he was going to sit down with Mueller and now there’s even moever a way he’s going T N with Mueller. It’s not goio happen. It was never going to happen. Sure president trump does want to sit downith him for a lot ofreasons, but there’s just no way. As a legal matter, he can’t.he fact he denies H knew big that payment could bone of the reasons that Michael Cohen is in even moreuble which explains why it is sficult for the president to talk meantime, on this question of firing Robert Mueller, where is the law? Well, look, it seems pretty CL that he have to do one of two things. He’d either have to C the regulations that are currently in place and basically say, I’m repealing the basic laws and regulations that currently exist. Maybe, probable C do that. And lead someone else to fire M. Regardless, he has ine way, shape or form the power T do it, right? E’s no question that Hean figure out a way to fire Robert Mueller. That’s never at issue. The question I does H want to do it? E willing — what WHA are the sequences. Meantime, for Michael Cohen, the lastson who had a raid on his ce is in this whole investigation, Paul manafort, got indictedacing real jeopardy which also raises question, puts this on president trump, would he try to pardon michahen? Think based on what we’ve seen anyone is following it will say there’s a really good chance Michael Cohen is going toget indicted. And I think that iichael Cohen is indicted it’s not a question of if presidentmp pardons him, it’s a queen of when. But also pressure on Michael Cohen tops cooperate. Maybe, buton’t know — I think that michaohen is going to feel very safe T if and when he I indicted, he willbe pardoned eithefore the trial or after the trial but at some INT. Abrams, thanks very much. Coming up this Sunday my excluse interview with James Comey, his first interview since president trump D him as F director. We sat Dow on Monday. Had quite a conversa. You can see ita special edition of “20 sunda night right after “Ameri idol.”

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