What Wendy Williams Can’t Travel Without

Wendy Williams, who recently concluded a 10-city tour to celebrate the 10th season of “The Wendy Williams Show,” is known for her forthcoming nature and provocative takes on celebrity gossip as well as for her throatily voiced catchphrase, “How you doin’?”

Ms. Williams lives in New Jersey and she loves the Jersey Shore. “But that’s not my place to recharge,” she says. “The food is great there but no, that’s not my place. I need to get on a plane and you know, stretch out and get there within four hours. Any place within four hours is my place. Because I have 40-inch legs, and they need to un-crumple before I get arthritis.”

She and her family love visiting the Cayman Islands where, she says, she’s a “sloth on vacation. Kevin and Kevin [her husband and son] they go, and they shoot up in the air on those standing things, and Jet Ski, and all that other kind of stuff, and I’m like O.K., well I’ll watch our stuff. See you when you get back.” She will get off the beach to get on a boat, however. “Every time we go away, no matter what, we always get a yacht for a day or for a night. We love that. And then we go way out in the water, and then jump in the water. And of course, get bit by stingrays.”

She is, in her words, very “squinty” when it comes to travel: she never leaves her passport in a hotel safe because she’s afraid of theft and hasn’t checked a bag in 30 years, she says, because she doesn’t trust the TSA. “You know, you read so many bad stories about how they take stuff. I don’t need anyone taking my shoes, or a pair of jeans or my hair, or anything like that. And my husband and I have been from Berlin to Paris, we’ve been across the world and for a week at a time, and never checked anything. Efficiency! I was a girl scout!”

Here’s what she packs on every trip.

“I always have my anti-germ-y wipes, always. And I’m wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping wiping, wiping, wiping, wiping. And the first stop we make is at the drugstore where I stop and get the Lysol, and then I get in the hotel and I spray everything down. Yeah, that’s me. I’m her.”

“I love to travel with my own hot sauce and I have it in packets so I no longer have to be disturbed by TSA.”

“I travel with my own long silk robe. At the hotel you just never know if the robes have been washed after they’ve been worn by other people.”

“When I travel, I love to have roll-up flats, the ones that you roll up and put in a bag, just in case your feet start hurting. For me, it’s never a fashion show, going away — it’s going away to relax. If they want a fashion show, then tell me, ‘Here’s Wendy,’ and open the double doors.”

“I wear one and I bring the extra one, all the time. I put it in a satin bag and it’s as small as a bottle of Snapple.”

“Magazines and a good book. You know, one for me — it’s usually sexy and saucy like a Jackie Collins book — and then one urban novel that I will read out loud to my husband.”

“I got the metal straws for my birthday, thank God. I like a straw. All of the sudden, what are we doing with straws? I’m sitting in a diner in Jersey, I have to beg for a straw!”

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