What to Wear to Work for Your Body Type

No two of us are shaped exactly the same, so here at Who What Wear, we love to celebrate the many different body types of women. And these beautiful differences definitely affect how each of us dresses on a daily basis. After all, there is no shame in being aware of which areas of your body you want to emphasize or minimize. In fact, it tells a lot about a woman if she knows how to dress in a way that shows off her body in a way that makes her feel most confident—especially in the workplace. Because what better place is there to feel 100% secure in yourself than in the daily routine of your career?

Ahead, we’ve categorized a handful of very generalized body shapes and suggested an outfit for each should you feel like the described shape aligns with your figure. To preface, the below formulas are merely a guideline based on pieces that women with those particular body types tend to gravitate toward. By no means are these rules or facts. Only you know your body best, we are just here to give you a helping hand should you feel a little lost on what you think feels and looks best on you.