What To Watch On Hulu That’s New This Week

“Casual” doesn’t set out to accomplish anything too ambitious and therefore lives up to the name. The chemistry between the three main characters makes this one of those shows that feels like you’re hanging out with friends. The characters possess above-average intelligence but still make bad decisions ― just like you and me ― and therefore it’s fun to spend time with these people.

Other shows accomplish this kind of easy-but-still-smart viewing experience better. Perhaps that’s why “Casual” never found a substantial audience. It never got creative enough to appeal to TV nerds but also never veered broad enough to capture the masses. The show just kind of exists. Judging by the fact that the farewell season’s trailer has fewer than 7,000 views so far, it doesn’t seem like too many people will cry at its departure.

But if you need a comforting show when your brain just can’t watch something more substantial, try going with “Casual.”