What To Watch On Amazon Prime This Week (Feb. 24-March 2)

Sum up: The central mystery over what happened to the woman’s husband is the main attraction here. The show does a stellar job of teasing clues and then having the protagonist piece details together in a satisfying manner. The choice of backdrop is also admirable. Plights of child soldiers and poverty-stricken people in the Congo get a considerable amount of attention. These horrors don’t just exist as scenery for the white protagonist either, the writers inject humanity in those local characters.

Heads up: Although I could see a wide audience falling in love with this show, it didn’t do enough for me. The plot has a bad habit of stringing together “improbable possibilities” ― having the narrative move along by coincidences of timing that seem unlikely. This ultimately jarred me out of the experience. In trying to create drama, the show also has a lot of obstacles and fights that don’t seem realistic. These narrative decisions might help the story zip along, but I couldn’t stop noticing the clumsiness.