What to Pack for a Trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a combination of Old World Europe and 21st century modern sensibilities. Both extend deep, beyond the art and architecture to the life and feel of the city. We have tips to help you explore Copenhagen in our local guide. But before you go, pack these essentials to make the most of your trip.

We’ve shared packing tips for any 36-hour trip in previous lists, so we talked to Ria Misra, an editor at Wirecutter, about some of the things you might want specifically for a trip to Copenhagen. Here are her picks.

Don’t Forget Your:

  • Cycling gear. Copenhagen is very bike-friendly, and if you plan to tour Harbor Circle by bike, you may want to bring your own helmet in case your rental place doesn’t offer them. Ms. Misra suggests the sleek Giro Savant, which will take up relatively little space in your luggage. She also suggests Smartwool’s Merino 150 base layers (available in both men’s and women’s sizes) to wick away sweat and protect you from the sun.

  • Protection from the rain. Curling up in a cozy sweater at one of the city’s many coffee shops sounds snug — but if that sweater is sopping wet from your bike ride or walk over, that vision of hygge melts quickly. Ms. Misra suggests a packable rain jacket, such as Patagonia’s Torrentshell Jacket, that will layer easily over your clothes. When you’re off the bike, the small yet durable AmazonBasics Automatic Travel umbrella will keep both you and your belongings dry.

  • Super stylish carryall. The Fjällräven Kånken Backpack is made of water-resistant fabric (helpful if you do get caught in the rain), it’s sturdy enough to withstand plenty of wear and its simple but streamlined design will blend in neatly in the city streets. Plus, you’ll get more life out of it on future trips.

  • Sauna survival kit. In our local guide, we recommend a lovely afternoon on the water and in the sauna, but since La Banchina is a cafe, after all, and not a full-service spa, bring everything you need to tidy up afterward. An absorbent, microfiber towel that dries quickly, like the Packtowl Personal, which stuffs down into its carrying pouch, is great both in and after the sauna. Stash a comfortable pair of flip-flops (Ms. Misra points to Wirecutter favorites, the grippy Havaianas Top Flip-Flop) to protect your feet, and don’t forget an extra tiny dopp kit like this Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Quick Trip packed with cleanser, moisturizer, and a favorite lip balm.