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And now to ourgma” cover story, a health alert about that oppressive heat, millions are facing it right now. According to T CDC hundreds of people die from ere temperatures every ar. Just days ago an 18-year-old teen dying F heat-rated illnesses in Kansas and Dr. Jennifer Ashton is here with what we nd to know to say stay fe what are the danger signs we look for. Robin, this bears repea litelly every year because the sttics you just showed and also becauo many peoe in the U.S. Right now are facing potentially life-threatening heat so fstall a reminder, E is a serum when we talk about he-relatedillness, it starts witeats then goes on to heat exhion then heatstroke. Heatstroke a medical 911 emergency.erms of what T look out for take a look athis list, it could be literallyse ts head to toe, disnss, nausea, vomi heache, a fast or rapid ls rate andhen the sweating stops. When that hns that is a call 911. When the sweatstops. Yes your body can’t cool self off. Who is most vulnerable. E hear O and over again very you like baby, the rly or peoplen certain medications. I want tomphasize everyone is at risk. Whent’s 110 and you see that noon jger who thinks he or she is super fit and immune, not true. Teenagers, vulnerable a in that poor teen in kansaiedf it so literally eve single person should consider themselves at risk. I know you say to CL 911. But what are some thingsou can doo help somebody out. This is basic modynamics why we have these props we’re talk aonvection so you want to get someone in air conditionevaporation so submerge them into a ice O cold temperature ofwate , a shower if they cantand a ingestion so you do want to give them cool or coldev this iseally important. You have to br T tempere down. But if you’re talking about someone who has Ange I their mental status, responsive and they’re not , you nd to call first responders, absolutely. All right, Jen, ts S as always for that.

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