What to Expect Before (and After) Your First Chemical Peel

It’s day three, and my face is starting to fall off. 

Alarming, yes. But before you start picturing that final scene in the cult-classic ’90s film Death Becomes Her with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn, let’s back up a bit: I am at once old enough to have fine lines and hyperpigmentation, young enough to have the occasional acne flare-up, and wise enough to know that these are things I can fix with professional help (and maybe a little dark magic). This combination of skin concerns and know-how led me to seek out a resource that was a bit more of a commitment than my quarterly Heyday facial but less intense than a dermatologist appointment. 

With the best skincare providers in New York City on my radar, I was pleasantly surprised to find a spa that not only met my criteria for cleanliness and exceptional results but also was conveniently a 20-minute walk from my apartment in Brooklyn. Two weeks later, I entered the warm and welcoming interior of Tres Belle Spa, located in Boerum Hill, and was literally embraced by the ethereal proprietress, Allison Tray. 

Roughly 48 hours later, my face began falling off. Okay, actually peeling slightly over the course of seven days until I had the glow of a radiant newborn infant if we’re being honest. But this, of course, was exactly the point. After sharing my skin woes with Tray and her senior esthetician, Aparna Chaudhari, we came to the conclusion that I was in need of a VIP peel—or rather, the VI Peel.