What to Buy at Zara, According to Your Zodiac Sign

How do you decide what to buy? (Besides reading Who What Wear, of course.) Perhaps you purchase something out of necessity, maybe it’s celebrity-inspired, or it might be because of sheer FOMO. But have you ever tried shopping based on your zodiac sign? After reaching out to a slew of fashion girls and getting their smart, stylish, and well-articulated zodiac-based fall picks from Zara, I’m fully convinced that it’s a worthwhile pursuit. (In case you’re curious, you’re reading words written by a Libra—moi—who already got her fall wardrobe sorted by an astrologer.)

I got brilliant answers from a Taurus based in Copenhagen, a Scorpio in New York City, a Sagittarius in Madrid, a Cancer in Miami, and a Gemini in Los Angeles—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These stylish ladies might not share the same sign, but they share a knack for being well-dressed and having good eyes for style. Scroll down to see what 12 women of each sign would buy from reader-favorite Zara right now.