What NYC Girls Are Actually Wearing Right Now

Over the last few months, we’ve done a lot of guessing—albeit, educated guessing—as to what fashion girls all over the world will be wearing this fall. I must say we were pretty spot on, but there are always trends (and even micro-trends) that only come out or blow up even more than expected once a season actually starts.

On that note, today we’ll be looking at such trends through the lens of our favorite NYC girls who, quite frankly, get it right every time. They’ve mastered combining fashion and function better than any other style set around—and I’m not just saying that because I am one of them now. From the print you should definitely adopt into your wardrobe to the boot style I’ve already acquired multiple pairs of to the simple suiting updates that will have you looking so of-the-moment, see the six fall trends stylish New Yorkers are actually wearing right now and shop them along the way below.