What Not to Wear With Shorts

There are times in life when nothing is more appropriate for a given situation (or weather forecast) than a pair of shorts. Even if you hate shorts, now more than ever, there are tons of different styles to choose from to suit your style type, from denim cut-offs to bike shorts to long suit shorts. Every one of us Who What Wear editors wears shorts on occasion (I found the Instagram posts to prove it), and we’ve certainly figured out what will and won’t help us reach our maximum shorts-outfit potential. 

Last spring, we shared with you the shoes we’d never wear with shorts, but truth be told, there’s more that we’d avoid wearing with shorts, so we’re at it again. It goes without saying that you can and should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, regardless of whether or not it’s someone’s personal cup of tea. Scroll on to find out which trends aren’t our personal cup of tea with shorts and shop what we’re wearing with them instead.