What Ne-Yo Can’t Travel Without

Carry On

The singer and songwriter always brings a blanket, dancing shoes and fedoras (always in a hatbox).

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The Grammy award-winning R&B singer, songwriter and dancer Ne-Yo released his seventh album, “Good Man,” in June. In addition to making music, Ne-Yo is also a judge, along with Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough, on the reality competition TV show “World of Dance.”

Ne-Yo divides his time between Los Angeles and Atlanta, where his two oldest children live, and travels frequently for work. He is often spotted walking through airports with his signature fedoras in a hatbox (“I tend to fly commercial because I don’t see the point of wasting that money on a private jet, no thank you”), and uses flights to catch up on sleep. “I’m asleep pretty much the whole flight, no matter how long or short the flight is. The moment my butt touches the seat, I am gone. Do not ask me if I want some water. Do not ask me if I want some food. Do not talk to me about my seatbelt.”

When he manages to take a vacation — of which, he says, “I owe my wife one, I genuinely do” — he heads somewhere hot. “When I’m vacationing, it’s got to be somewhere sunny. I am the epitome of tropical: I do not like to be cold, I don’t like the A.C. to be too high in the house — that’s me. So it’s got to be somewhere with a nice beach, some nice clear water, possibly a drink with some rum in it; yeah, that’s my vacation.”

Here’s what he packs on every trip.

CreditEstelle Morris

Plane blanket

“It’s just bigger and warmer than the little cheap, cheesy blanket that they give you on the plane. That blanket is such a tease; it doesn’t even cover your entire body. People are probably weirded-out by the way that I look on the plane but I need a blanket that’s going to cover my entire body, and the ones they give you on the airplane just normally don’t. Like, your feet are out or your head is out, and you’re wrestling with the blanket the whole flight; it’s just annoying.”

CreditEstelle Morris

Extra socks and underwear

“I never wear the same pair of underwear or the same pair of socks twice while I’m on tour. I wear them and I will leave them in the hotel room. So there’s, like, bags and bags of underwear and socks left in hotel rooms over the years. It’s one wear and get them out of there. I pack one large suitcase for just underwear and socks.”

CreditEstelle Morris


“A must is my video games. I don’t do much of anything else in regard to relaxation other than my video games. That’s my escape from the world. So my PlayStation is an absolute must; it comes with me everywhere I go, and that’s the thing that keeps me sane on the road. I’m a huge fighting game fan. I love “Street Fighter” and I’m actually pretty good at it. Well, I thought I was pretty good until I started playing people online, then I realized how not good I am.”

Dancing shoes

“In regards to performance, it’s really just about the shoes; it has to be a shoe with a nice sole. To be honest with you, the best performance shoes come from Zara. The soles on the bottom of them just allow me to slide and glide the way that I like to onstage. They don’t cost a lot, which is also a good thing.”


“My hats are kind of like my children, so I treat them very, very nice. Anybody who has ever seen me walking through the airport, you’ve seen me with my hatbox. It’s the ideal way to travel with the hats: that way the brims don’t get folded up weird, and the shape of the hat stays. It’s very, very, very important to anybody who wears hats. Anyone who wears hats can absolutely feel me on this. And they go with me — they don’t go under the bus, they don’t go under the airplane, they go with me. Sometimes I sit the hatbox on my lap. My performance fedoras have shorter brims — they’re called ‘stingy brim’ — and I wear those on stage, because, you know, the stage is dark, and if you have a big-brim hat on, you can’t see, then you trip and you fall on your face, and now everyone’s laughing at you.”

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