What Kind of Second Gentleman Would Doug Emhoff Be?

The split was unusually unrancorous. The two share parental responsibilities of their young-adult children, named Cole and Ella after John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald, and are “very adult about dealing with any issue that comes up,” Mr. Jacoby said. “They are the model couple for an amicable divorce.”

Mr. Emhoff, his ex-wife, his current wife and the children, who call Ms. Harris “Momala,” celebrate Thanksgiving together. Ella Emhoff was set to join Ms. Harris’s sister and niece in officially nominating her stepmother for vice-president. Ms. Emhoff campaigns for Ms. Harris and promotes her on social media; Ms. Harris in turn wrote “an ode” to Ms. Emhoff for Mother’s Day, Mr. Emhoff said.

After their initial encounters by phone and text, Mr. Emhoff and Ms. Harris finally met for the first time over dinner in Los Angeles. The next day, he sent her an email listing “all of his available dates for the next couple of months,” Ms. Harris wrote.

“I’m too old to play games or hide the ball,” the email said, mangling its metaphors a bit. “I really like you.” The two decided to give their relationship six months, after which, “if we still felt the way we did, we would just go for it,” Mr. Emhoff recalled.

He proposed while they were about to order takeout from a local Thai restaurant. Their marriage, at the Santa Barbara courthouse, reflected their Indian and Jewish heritages: She placed a flower garland around his neck; he stomped on a glass.

Living with Ms. Harris through several elections — re-election as state attorney general, election to the Senate and now this — doesn’t mean her new husband is inherently political, per se.

“Doug is committed to Kamala, and he is committed to Kamala’s career,” said Alex M. Weingarten, a longtime friend and former colleague, whom Mr. Emhoff twice recruited to join his law firm. “Obviously, being married to someone who has made a career and is so passionate about these issues has to have an impact on him. But I wouldn’t say that marrying someone in politics has made him more political, or turned him into a politician. He is the same Doug.”