What Kate Middleton Would Buy With $50 at Sephora

Of course, we don’t really know what the Duchess of Cambridge would buy at Sephora. Unfortunately, that kind of intel is shrouded in deep, deep mystery. And unlike her sister-in-law Meghan Markle who lived in the public, often-interviewed Hollywood eye for years before marrying into the royal family, we have much less to go on when it comes to guessing Middleton’s favorite lipstick, blush, and mascara. That said, we do have an uncanny eye for product identification and an equally strong hunch that Middleton is a bit of an undercover beauty junkie. (She did her own wedding maquillage after all!) Oh, and we also know she has a thing for Bobbi Brown product picks. (It was confirmed that the 2011 wedding party received “makeup artistry assistance” from the brand’s makeup artist Hannah Martin.) 

Even though Middleton never strays too far from her signature beauty look—think radiantly bronzed cheekbones, fluttery black lashes, and gloriously lush brunette strands—we always love to play detective (at least internally) regarding the exact products she’s wearing, or what products we think she’d love based on her trademark beauty aesthetic. So, we thought it’d be fun to round up six favorite beauty looks from the Duchess and attribute each to one Sephora-found beauty product coming in at $50 and under. Curious to see what we think we’d find in Middleton’s little black shopping bag? Keep scrolling for our personal royal-inspired verdict.