What Is Lingerie? 9 of the Biggest Misconceptions

Lingerie can be a lot of things—necessary, sexy, delicate, strong, beautiful—but what it certainly is not is the sum of its misconceptions. Openly talking about lingerie is not something most women are comfortable with, and because of that, a whole circle of “lies” has developed around the topic, further pushing women into their holes of uncertainty and intimidation when it comes to their underpinnings. Suddenly, they find themselves too intimidated to ask questions, chained to their ideas of what lingerie even is, and imprisoned by the picture of their body they’ve painted in their head. The only way to break free of these negative connotations is to read this article. Okay, I’m only joking, but the lingerie experts ahead have many feelings about these misconceptions surrounding lingerie and today, they’re here to officially squash them.

Today, you’ll be hearing from Sandra Rose, VP merchandising and brand at Journelle, and the lovely team from Addition Elle as they reveal the nine biggest lies everyone is telling you about lingerie. From sizing to silhouettes, there’s a lie in here that will resonate with each and every one of you—I’m sure of it. After reading (and shopping) these expert tips on what lingerie actually is and how this can apply to your own negligee drawer, your lingerie life will be smooth sailing.