What I’ll Never Wear Again After Living in Paris

Years ago, I spent a summer living in Paris. While there, I aimed to live like a local, so I rented an apartment in the Marais, made frequent stops to the boulangerie around the corner, and posted up at Café Charlot on the regular for a café crème. I ducked into unnamed vintage shops to hunt for past-season Chanel and Dior and spent a good chunk of time studying what, exactly, made all of the French women I encountered just so stylish.

After months of seeing endlessly chic women in the Tuileries and on the streets of St. Germain, it occurred to me that they largely followed the same styles guidelines. With a penchant for Parisian style, I adopted many of these fashion rules for myself. Ahead, I’m breaking down my fashion learnings from the French that I’ve been following ever since I lived in Paris.