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CreditCourtesy of Claire Fitzsimmons


Men at Work

By Claire Fitzsimmons

I returned to Australia this week after living in New York for six exhausting years.

I feel like I’ve woken up on another planet. The culture shock is visual and visceral. I forgot how clean the streets were. The sound of the birds, relentless and reassuring. Everything happens so slowly.

But the one thing I notice most abruptly is the men at work.

Everywhere I go. Men. Working.

Men building roads.
Men constructing buildings,
Men driving Utes full of building materials.
Men on the side of the road.
Men digging holes.
The men are plumbers. The men are builders.
The men are miners.
The men are impossible to miss, in their hi-vis vests.

But where are all the women?

(We’re watching the men.)



By Kathleen Morris

CreditKathleen Morris (Textile Warrior)

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