Wedding Advice From Say Yes to the Dress’s Randy Fenoli

“Purchasing a wedding dress is really a unique experience. I don’t know any other purchase where we invite people in with their opinions on a purchase that is so personal,” the consultant, reality star, and bridal designer of the just-launched Silver Springs collection told us. “When you purchase a house or car, you don’t bring your mother-in-law and sister and college roommate to that experience.”

While Fenoli explains that having this company makes the bridal shopping experience unique and special, it also requires some direct communication from the bride before ever stepping inside a store. “Lay some ground rules to the people you bring. They should know that your budget is $1000 instead of $10,000—if someone’s pulling a $10,000 dress, they need to put in the other $9000 or don’t pull it.”

Beyond just the financials, he says that your entourage should be encouraged to honor the bride’s vision and approach the situation with positivity. “It’s about letting people know that this is a privilege and honor to go shopping with you, and you’re bringing them along because you care about them and want them to be part of this experience. They are there to help you, and not fulfill their vision of what they want you to wear.”