We Answer Your ‘Internetting’ Questions About Vagina Eggs, Time Lords and Steroid Rumors


It’s “Internetting After Dark,” the show about the show. There’s a cat in here!

Welcome back to “Internetting After Dark.” We’ve been hard at work harvesting the best “Internetting” comments from across the web on the topics of unboxing videos, extremely online bodybuilding, and digital mysticism.

We are learning a lot about the time lord perspective!

Also: about the fake feminine mojo of vagina eggs and the very real joys of milk-related songcraft. With me as always is Shane O’Neill, the intrepid editor of “Internetting.” And back by popular demand: our chief feline correspondent, Wanda.

Questions? Comments? Leave them on our YouTube page or email internetting@nytimes.com and we just might address them in a future “After Dark.”

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Wanda, to me, you are perfect. Read about GOOP’s vaginal lies here. Check out the Times’ deep dive into Alex Jones’s supplement empire. The ContraPoints video on the politics of Alpha dudes is really good. And follow in Shane’s digital footsteps with the video of cats saying “dad” instead of “meow,” the Doja Cat video, the sad lip-syncing cops, the conspiracy theory that Megyn Kelly is Nicole Brown Simpson, the “Johny Johny Yes Papa” song, the lady who has the same thumb as Megan Fox, the “I’m in me mum’s car” meme and the incredible old “Sesame Street” song “Milk,”

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