Want To Support Black-Owned Brands? Here Are 10 Things To Buy Right Now.

Just this week, Julee Wilson, beauty director at Cosmopolitan, published a massive list of 125 Black-owned beauty brands to “support right freakin’ now.” Akili King, Vogue’s beauty editorial assistant, and Noami Elizée, Vogue’s associate market editor, both shared a list of 55 Black-owned brands to support “now, and always,” and Maya Allen, digital beauty editor at Marie Claire, highlighted 30 Black-owned beauty brands she’ll “never stop talking about.”

Read through, bookmark and seek out these brands — some of which you may already be familiar with — the next time you plan to purchase something. Then commit to supporting them long term.

On the list of our must-haves this week is a swimsuit we’ll be putting on the minute we’re allowed to go to the beach (while social distancing, of course), plus a gorgeous pair of heels, a restorative lip balm, a delightfully delicate lariat necklace and more.

Below, 10 picks from Black-owned fashion and beauty brands you can buy right now.

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