Want to Know What to Wear Skiing? Shop Our Packing List

Whether it’s your first time going on a skiing trip or you already know the local slopes like the back of your hand, you know that skiing entails loads of layers of clothing. Dashing through the snow is a nice pastime as long as you’re well prepared. Normally, you rent your ski clothes and accessories at your destination, but it’s always nice if you’re a bit prepared beforehand. That way, instead of appearing with little to no skiing clothes, at least you have the base layers or some skiing items ready. For example, why would you carry around skiing goggles? Yet, having skiing leggings and socks seems more likely to happen.

So, if you’re heading on a quick skiing trip anytime soon and you either need a refresher of what to wear (and pack) to go skiing or need a list of essentials you can’t forget, then this article is for you. Friendly reminder: Skiing is fun, but sometimes the outfits are kind of quirky. So, be prepared to look like a marshmallow (in all the best ways). From base layers to types of jackets to accessories you might already own, find 14 items you need to pack to layer up in your trip, no matter what, below. The rest you can figure out once you get there.