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He is. We’ll move now on to the latest on Virginia governor Ralph Northam facing universal calls to step down. The governor resisting stepping down. Called an urgent staff meeting last night to assess his options. Tom llamas is here, another meeting set for this morning as the pressure mounts. Reporter: ABC news learning those meetings started overnight. Governor Ralph Northam met with his top aides as calls for his resignation are going. Growing from Democrats. This morning, Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s future in doubt after this racist photo surfaced from his medical school yearbook page. At first, he said he was one of the two men in the picture. Over the weekend, Northam said he spoke too soon. I’m appall they appeared on my page. I believe then and now that I’m not either of the people in that photo. Reporter: But then the governor admitting he has appeared in blackface before. Dressing up as Michael Jackson and doing the moonwalk during a dance contest in 1984. I had the shoes, I had a glove and I used a little bit of shoe Polish to put on my cheeks and the reason I used a very little bit, you cannot get shoe Polish off. Reporter: His plea for forgiveness turning into a cat strophe after a reporter asked if he could still moonwalk. ABC news’ Zachary kiesch asking this question. Problematic that you need to have it explained to you that blackface is offensive? No, you know, I’m not a person of color and people of color experience different things. It affects them in different ways. Reporter: This morning, fellow Democrats from Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden calling on Northam to resign. He also admitted he had a racially charged nickname that appeared in his yearbook. He said he was given the nickname by two upperclassmen in college. Tom, thanks very much. To the white house now, where Donald Trump is preparing his state of the union of

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