VERIFY: Is the Keto diet dangerous?

TEMPLE, Texas – More and more people are giving the Keto diet a try but some claims made online say the diet is more dangerous than healthy to follow.

The unusual diet is high fat – low carb and low sugar – and it’s continuing to gain popularity nationwide.

We spoke with Allen Rostovich, a fitness nutritional specialist in Temple.

He stopped short of calling the diet dangerous but says there are challenges because of the diet’s limiting which vegetables you can eat and eliminating fruit altogether.

“Where do our vitamins and minerals come from? They come from those fruits, vegetables and whole foods like that that we’re missing out on. So we might be a little vitamin deficient but we can always substitute with a multivitamin or something like that.” he said.

Rostovich says an alternate form of the diet can be followed to limit the lack of vitamins and minerals because of the diet.

“Raise your carbs up a little bit. Raise your protein a little bit. You’re fat’s going to be high, still. You still eat fewer calories, you’re just not in the true medical ketosis, it’s more of a modified ketosis.” he said.

That modified version adds vitamins with the addition of fruits and additional vegetables.

So is the Keto diet dangerous? According to a local expert, we can verify it’s not and that this diet does work without any major health concerns.

“This diet works because any diet works as long as you stick with it.” Rostovich said.

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