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We have news on that settling report K vaping. It shohe bigger one-year spike in substance Abu I . 1 5 kids is addicte to nicotine. A single year. Let’s bring in Dr. Jennifer Ashton. We havughters and mine are in high school, and — same. They come and they talk AUT this. All my friends areva you read the entire Y. Dell you? First of all, we have to be crystal clear, talking teenagers and kids here. We are not ope up the date aboutvaping, its pros and cons in adult, those who may be Ying to quit cigarette sming. We’re talking about teenagers and kids and the number are very concerning. This increase in jushe last year means that there are more than 1 million additional high schooldents vaping. With nicotine. That’s right, andosf these products contain nicotine. There arets a unaware of that a lf times and tteenagers aren’t aware because a lot of them have floring. This is a time when the brain is depingnd we don’t have long-term day what these chemicals do to lungs, mouth and the br of developing children American academy of this the adamant it ot recomed and it’s considered to be dangerous in this age group. Considere be dangous, my daughter air L it’s safe. It’s way better T cirettes, so it’s safe. That’s kind of the with vaping, but I wanou to tat this C bee these chemical have found in E urine and saliva O teenagers. This is from a UCF study. A lot of them are soassociated with incrse cancer risknd certain diseases. This CIN age group, why to a yng rs I hope every parents watching give that information to their child because they don’t know what they are doingthis point if you are a parent,t’s not like kids comethe smof cigarettes on them. It’s odorless a lot of times. Know WHA T devices lk like. That’s the first step, ae on E lookout and be on the signs of nicotine addictthers can ha cravings, fifty con ten aiting, increased weight gain, sleedie, irritability. What should K B tel their kids after seeingthis If you wouldn’t grab a cigae, don’t grab an esig in this agroup. Hope everyone was liin me over N to ginger. Goodmorning, I’m

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