Vans and Disney Have Designed Cool New Sneakers

Remember Vans’s collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum earlier this month? Of course, the artsy sneakers promptly sold out, and we have a feeling the cult SoCal brand’s next partnership will see similar success. In honor of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Vans has teamed up with Disney on a collection of sneakers and T-shirts that officially launch on August 28. 

Vans’s website offers a sneak peek at the sure-to-be-covetable collab, which was designed by four different artists, each of whom reimagined the brand’s cult OG Ski-Hi LX Sneakers in their own unique way. Tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, for instance, had a very specific inspiration: “I wanted to put [Mickey Mouse] in the American dream. In a ’57 convertible, rolling down the street,” he explained, per Vans’s website. Meanwhile, artist Taka Hayashi had a different vision for his iteration: “Mickey is going through the California adventure…flying through the landscapes of California, whether it’s the desert or just in a surreal kind of realm.” Scroll down to preview the collection while we wait until the August 28 launch date.