Vaccination Bill proposed could change Nevada schools current policy

A vaccination bill was proposed by Immunize Nevada yesterday at the Assembly Committee on Education.

The bill would require parents to sign a consent form to share the name of the student and school they attend.

Right now parents do not have to provide vaccination information on a standard state form. This bill would have parents submit a form and exemption numbers would be sent to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health each year.

This legislation would allow the State Division of Public and Behavioral Health to have access to the immunization exemptions filed with schools.

Heidi Parker, Executive Director at Immunize Nevada says, “So that public health has information that they need, especially during times of an outbreak from our local schools, so those number of students that are exempted where those hotspots are so they can really drill down to the data.”

One of the big concerns the public has about this bill is a breach in privacy.

News 4 – Fox 11 spoke with Shannon Bennett, Immunization Program Manager at The Department of Health and Human Services says, “We won’t know the child’s name unless there’s an outbreak situation, which is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant and Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant already. So it’s just a situation of understanding where these pockets may be of concern. If there’s a vaccine preventable outbreak who we could reach out to first.”

Democratic Assemblywoman Connie Munn, who spearheaded this bill made it clear that this proposal would not force parents to get their child vaccinated.