Try These 7 Winter Outfits With Flat Shoes

Unlike summer when you choose to spend as much extra time outside as you can and opt to walk instead of grabbing that six-minute Uber, winter is a good excuse to be on your feet a little less and, thus, break out the heels a little more. However, there’s value in relying on cold-weather looks that skip the stilettos in favor of shoes that are comfortable, practical, and close to the ground. We’re talking winter outfits with flats, of all varieties and styles.

The options for flat winter shoes run the gamut. There’s a classic ballet option, of course, and in case you need a bit more coverage, sneakers, lug-sole boots, and lace-up Dr. Martens do the trick. And to demonstrate exactly how to compile seasonally on-point looks that don’t skimp on comfort, warmth, or creative styling, the seven looks below serve as examples. Read on for tips to re-create, and to shop all the necessary pieces.