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Let’s bring in Jon Karl for more on the administration’s reaction to all of this. Good morning, Jon. Reporter: Good morning, it’s the tale of two nominations. Pompeo’s nomination to be secretary of state seemed to be headed for the first ever rejection of a secretary of state nominee by the foreign relations committee. That was averted only with the personal involvement of the president to flip a single Republican senator. As for Ronny Jackson’s nomination, though, that is far less certain. Officials privately acknowledge to me that he is in real trouble and say the decision about whether or not to fight is really Ronny Jackson’s. They acknowledge he may decide not to go through it. That is a very uncomfortable position to be in, robin. It’s another very busy day there at the white house. We know that the French president is there and the administration’s first state dinner tonight. What can we expect? Reporter: Well, this is going to be a very intimate dinner. It’s about one-third the size in terms of the guest list, 130 guest, that is 13 table, candle lit tables of ten people. A very warm welcome for macron. He comes here with some serious concerns for president trump. For one he is urging him not to get out of the Iran nuclear deal. Something the president has signaled that he wants to do. And he also has real concerns about the president’s trade policies. We’ll see what happens today. All right, Jon, thank you.

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