Trump’s First State Dinner: Details (and Some Guesses)

The Dress

The Trump White House, which typically does not release official details of the first lady’s fashion choices, is keeping this detail secret for now. Further information will be released at the start of the dinner.

During her visit to France last year, Mrs. Trump favored variations of red, white and blue, and wore creations by Valentino and Hervé Pierre, who designed her inauguration gown.

Vanessa Friedman, The New York Times’s fashion critic, offered a few guesses about Mrs. Trump’s possible choices:

“Thus far, Mrs. Trump has been relatively hard to predict when it comes to her wardrobe choices; she has neither hewed consistently to using her public appearances to promote American designers (though she has done some of that), nor using them to celebrate host countries (though she has done some of that, too).

She has evinced clear favorites when it comes to certain designers — Dolce & Gabbana, which she wore to meet the pope and for her official photograph; Ralph Lauren, which she wore to the inauguration; Mr. Pierre, who also doubles as a fashion adviser — but they are simply first among equals. All of which means it is very hard to guess what she will wear to the state dinner. It could be, for example, Dior, which she wore on her visit to France for Bastille Day — except she might not want to repeat. She wore a Givenchy cape today.

So my bet would be on something completely different — though I expect when it comes to silhouette she will stay with her favored simple, body-conscious lines, high heels and diamonds. Whatever it is, it will be telling.”

The Guest List

This is also (relatively) secret, with a full list to be released at dinnertime. So far, we know that no congressional Democrats were invited, but there’s at least one Democrat on the 120-person guest list: Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana. Other attendees include Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his wife, Louise Linton, and Paul D. Ryan, the speaker of the House.