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Kenneth, thank you. A ical week tt thwhite house the president returning from mar-a-lago late today a a busykend Twitter. More thanituse. Two den twes against the m.trump also defending his personal attorney Michael Cohen as a sousaid his LG time fixer under federal investigatwill not tn the president. Here’s ABC ear — Tara Palmeri. Reporter: Tonigthado persol president’s personal attorney and fixer, under criminal investigion, signaling completeoyalty to trump. A source telling ABC news, quote, “Michael will never flip.”cohen cando Una Fu I will do anything to protect Mr. Trum Reporter: The source, who was with Cohen last night, S trumlong-time confidante reject “New York Times” story that Cohen may cooperate with investigators E the FBI raid H hotel, and off the president lashoue Esta con Cohen against the “Times” and defending Cohen, tweeting, “Sorry, I dose dointhat despite the horrible witch hunt and the dishonest media! Why is the president talking about the not Michael Cohen flipping if the president didn’t do anything G? Look at everything the presidt said about min and the raid. He is defending someone who has worked with and known for a dozen plusears who he thin is bng treated unfairly. Reporter: While Cohen and trump aresenting united ont, the attorney will likely face pressure given the burden pd to seize his files. To even get the warrant that they got Thad to sho evidence of a possible crime and I think that’s pbly what’s makiichael coh so concerned. R the turmoil over Cohen spreading throughout the white hous ABC news confirmed attor general Jeff sessions threatened to resign if the president axed his deputy, rod Rosenstein, who Ed off on the raid. The white house, indicating that right now, neither sessions, rosetein, or special counsel Robert muellre in dang. As far as I know the ess tion of firing these individuals. Joins us N from west palm beach the president spent his week. Tara, president trump a big weekend ah That’s right presidump president a visit from the germanel Angela Merkel. Tom.

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