Trump promises to call Saudi King ‘at some point’ about reporter’s disappearance Video

Transcript for Trump promises to call Saudi King ‘at some point’ about reporter’s disappearance

Now to the search for answers in the disappearance of a “Washington post” columnist who vanished after going into a Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey. ABC’s Julia Mcfarlane is in our London bureau with what president trump is saying about the mystery. Good morning, Julia. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. This is quickly escalating into a diplomatic crisis for the president. An immensely important relationship he’s gone to great lengths to cultivate. He was on the campaign trail last night but instead faced calls to demand answers from the Saudis. This morning, president trump under growing pressure as grisly claims emerge on the alleged torture and murder of Jamal khashoggi. The president saying overnight he will call the king of Saudi Arabia. I will be calling at some point king Salman. Reporter: According to the “The Washington post,” Turkish officials claim they have proof, audio and video recordings of the murder inside the consulate. “The post” quoting a source saying you can hear his voice and the voices of men speaking arabic. You can hear how he was interrogated, tortured and then murdered. In this time line of events according to “The Washington post,” khashoggi is seen entering the consulate October 2nd. Hours earlier according to Turkish media a private jet arrived from Saudi Arabia with nine men on board. After khashoggi had been inside the compound for two hours, two black vehicles are seen leaving the back entrance, allegedly the hit squad which are traced back to the residence of a top Saudi official. Meanwhile, khashoggi’s fiancee is still waiting for him outside the consulate. Later that evening, two Saudi planes depart Turkey. If proven the state sanctioned torture and murder of a U.S. Resident would blow a hole in one of the president’s closest allies. And the backlash is growing. Dozens of American companies and public figures are pulling out of an international conference in Riyadh later this month citing Turkish claims that khashoggi was murdered. Whit. All right, Julia Mcfarlane in London, thank you so much.

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