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Wyer and friend, Michael C Cohen. The fbingisoffice, home aot room. What was thehere for? Ab Pierre Thomas leading us off. Reporter: This hotel where Michael C is currently stg, along with hisffices and home, allaided today by FBI agents new yk city, in highly and ual aggressive step. Sources familiar with the vestigation telling ABC news, FBI agents T a host of cuments, incng some related to cohen’s$130,000 payment to porn star stormy Daniels in the days leg to the 2016ion. The raid comes four days after president trump made hst cots on Daniels, saying he did not know anything about the hush payment. Did you know about T $130,000 payment to stormy Daniel No, what els D Michael Cohen make it if there was no truth to her allegations? You have Michael Cohen. Michael is my attornnd yoll have to ask Michael. Reporter: Daniels says she had an affair with president ck in 2006, something the white house denies. Reporter: It entirely It was entirely consensual? Oh, yes, yes. Rter: Tonight, Cohen’s attorney, Stephen Ryan, calling the quote “Coletely appropriatd unnecessary,” adding “It resulted in the unssary seizure of proud attorney-client communications tw a lawyer and hi ients.” Ryan also said the raid was the resuf a referral by the ecial counsel Bob Mueller. A source tells ABC new I raids were not about Russia. Toni the case is being assigned to federal prosecutors in the Soun strict of New York. Ring the campaign, coh became kno for his sharp attacks supporting his boss a end. But you guys are , and it — Says who? Polls. Repr: Daniels, Cohen and the presi nowked in multiple legal battles. Daniels’ attorney their hush ant is void because the president didn’t sign and in test 24 hours, filed a new motion to depose the president.attorneys for Cohen have filed their own suit attinto G the matter into arbitration. Ndpierre, just a few momeago, as you know, the president weighing in on this ra. Let’s listen. So, I just heard that they broke inhe office of one of my pnal attorn good man, and it’s a diceful situation, it’s a total witch hui’ve been saying it for a long ti As you heard the president saythere, he believes the FBI broke in. Those were his words. Whuld the fbi Cohen’s office, Hime the hotel room, er than simply subpoenam, Pierre? Reporter: David, they clearlywanted to catch him offguard in cases like is, others typiy a concern documents might get destroyed. David? Pierre ts on the late developments Toda Pierre, thank Yo Andf course all of this

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