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Thanks very much. Our senior white house correspondent Cecilia Vega and, we saw that Instagram post and the wall is coming. The question is, how? Reporter: Well, that is the million dollar question here, George, this morning, what the president exactly wants to do. His own vice president is in the dark. Many of his aides are in the dark on this. A couple of things he might be considering. They could be wanting to negotiate some kind of deal for dreamers in exchange for wall funding and want to try to use Pentagon money to try to build the wall. Something the Democrats said they’re not for. Democrats yesterday weren’t even sure there was going to be a meeting here in the white house yesterday. They say they didn’t receive a formal invitation until later in the afternoon so just straight up confusion on both sides. The president refused an offer his vice president made earlier. We are starting to see some cracks in the GOP united front in the senate. Reporter: Exactly. Senator Cory Gardner, the first Republican to break ranks and call for an end to the shutdown. He is from Colorado. His home state where there are a number of federal employees. He calling for an end to the shutdown and saying that the fight for border security money should happen after the government is back open. He is not alone. Susan Collins has said she would support separating homeland security funding. This is all putting a ton of pressure on Mitch Mcconnell to do something but he said he’s not bringing anything to the floor if he’s not sure that it doesn’t have the president’s vote. Breaking up the ones up for re-election next time. Now to Wall Street where markets are opening after

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