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names could be next. In a tweet on H way to texas the ident issuing his fifth pardon tod nesh d’souza whoad pleaded guilty cpaign finance violations. While you might not know his name, you’ll know some of the PEOP he targeted in his tw. Th president signalingar Stewart could be next for a on, and former Illinois governor rod blagojevich, a well. Both of W appeared on versions of he entice.” Abc’sonathan karlding us off tonight. Reporter: President trump flexing one biggest powers, the power todo consider pardons or commutations for two very high profile convicts Martha Stewart and disgraced rmer illins governor rod blagojevicoth with reality onnectionsthe president. Blagojev who was sentenced to 14 years on corruption charges, for allegedly trying to sell the senate seatacated by Dr Barack O — I’ll do anything. L and etl and honest. Reporter: — Was a contestant on “Crity antice.” Blagojevich was eventually F by trump on the show, butnir force one today, the president said this aboum. “He’s a Democrat. N my party. But I thought that he was treated unfairly. He shouldn’t have been put in jail.” And Martha Stewart. She served five months in prison after her convic in 2004 for obstruction of justice and perjury, did an “Apprentice” spinshortly after getting out of prison — trump listed as executive produ I’m looking for “The apprentice.” Reporter: The president today cede Stewart was TRE unfairly, Ng, quote, she used to be my esn in the world. This comes as the president day issued a parfor dinesh d’souza, a controversial conserva writer who admitted sentenced ive years obation, including eight months in a detention facility.d’souza, the prent said, was “Treated very unfairly by our rnand shouldave had “A quick, minor fine.” D’souza, whom the president said he hadever met, is a trump sur. As heavilycized recently for his tweets on the rkland school shooting, including re-tweeting the showing studenting reacting a failed gun controlvote, writing, news since their parents tohem to summer jobs.” He lat apologize pardons usually take Y and through the justice department’s pardon office. The Souza pardon was fast-tracked was not ewed by the justice department. All talk of Pardo raises questi AUT whether the prest wouldsi pardons for any his allies tied up ine Russia inveation, including hirsonal attorney, Michael Cohen. Something I asked T president about last month. Are you considering a pn for michcohen? Thank you very much. Stupuestion. We remember him telling it was a stupid question. Jon Karl B with us live tonight from the W house. And Jon, we know another Nin the reality TV world, Kim Kardashian, bringing a pn case to the president erght, and word tonight he’s now considering it? Repr:im Kardashian met with theresident yesterday in the ovaloffice. She was there to mak the case pardoni a 63-yead grandmother named acearie John ws serng a life sentence a first-time drug offense, and the white house tells tonighthat the president isiously idering a pardon. Jon Karl leading us offgain tonight thank you, Jon.

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